2012-2014 OpenEIS (Energy Information System)

Summary of Work

Continuous monitoring and analysis can increase whole building energy efficiency by up to 20%. However most entities who are responsible for managing a buildings space conditions and energy consumption, particularly of small and medium buildings, do not have cost-effective access to commercial tools and algorithms, nor to diagnostic methods developed by the National Laboratories, University researchers, or publicly funded research projects. In response, DOE plans to develop an open source data analysis and diagnostics platform that will provide standard methods for authoring, sharing, testing, using, and improving algorithms for operational building energy efficiency. The open energy information system (OpenEIS) strategy is aimed at getting the market to validate and implement state of the art analytical and diagnostic algorithms, thereby creating market demand for control system manufacturers and integrators serving small and medium commercial customers.

In 2012-2013 the OpenEIS project team, comprised of Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL), Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL), and Navigant Consulting developed the following products:

  • A software requirements specification (SRS) to guide the future build-out of the OpenEIS platform.
  • Reference code for the collection of analytical algorithms to be hosted by OpenEIS upon initial release.
    • Do you have building energy data to analyze? Use this code today to identify energy and comfort improvement opportunities.
    • Please send us your feedback and comments! How are you using this code?
  • A User Guide for the reference code, with an overview of the algorithms, pseudocode, data and file formatting requirements, and instructions for running the code, and adapting it for further use.

In 2013-2014 the LBNL and PNNL team built out the OpenEIS platform, building from the reference code, and SRS. In this phase of work, the initial set of OpenEIS algorithms was expanded to include additional diagnostic algorithms. The OpenEIS platform and associated documentation can be accessed from Github.

Additional Project Documents

1-page project description and overview PDF, 162 KB
Project Overview Slides PDF, 2.0 MB
Summary of outcomes from the first stakeholder workshop, focused on analytical algorithms
- February 26, 2013
PDF, 993 KB
Summary of outcomes from the second stakeholder workshop, focused on data types, formats, and taxonomies, and databases
- May 14, 2013
PDF, 454 KB