Cover of the Energy Information Best Practices Handbook

2010-2011 Energy Information Handbook

Summary of Work

The purpose of this DOE-funded project was to develop a handbook to help commercial building software developers, energy managers, and control companies implement strategies for commercial building energy analysis and performance monitoring. This study comprised 3 primary tasks: 1) define the list of analysis methods to be summarized; 2) identify examples of benefits of analysis methods; 3) develop analysis guide in paper and web-browsable form. Presentations from meetings of the Technical Advisory Committee are posted at the bottom of this page.

The Energy Information Handbook is now available for electronic download*, and hard copies can be purchased from Amazon.

*This is a large file (19MB). Depending on its configuration, your web browser may display this PDF directly in the browser. To avoid this, you can right-click to download the PDF.

Meetings of the Technical Advisory Committee

Commercial Building Energy Information Handbook Second TAC Meeting Presentation
- April 26, 2011
PDF, 1.9 MB
Commercial Building Energy Information Handbook First TAC Meeting Presentation
- January 25, 2011
PDF, 372 KB