Frequently Asked Questions

Selecting Sites

Is there equipment that needs to be installed onsite?
No — the Package is designed to use utility metered data, either monthly energy use or smart meter / interval data, so no additional metering equipment is required.
What types of building would benefit from the Energy Management Package?
Commercial buildings of less than 50,000 sf are best suited for this package. A list of ideal site characteristics is available here. Many of the principles and tools of this approach may also be applicable to other building types including multifamily and single family residential buildings, and some larger commercial facilities.
What data is required? If my region doesn't have smart meters installed, can I still participate?
The Energy Management package is designed for use with either monthly data or interval data, so smart meters/interval data are not required to use the Package. The Energy AI tool has a great overview of the specific process required to obtain interval energy data from different utility companies.

Costs and Benefits

Why would a customer be interested in this service?
The Package provides your client opportunities to save on utility costs, reduce hassle and maintenance costs, improve environmental quality, and reduce environmental impacts.
Is this expensive for the building owner to participate? What should I charge for this service?
The package is designed to identify low- or no-cost, primarily operational energy efficiency measures, for example, making sure thermostats are programmed with optimal set points and setback schedules. It has been shown that tracking energy usage is helpful to identify new savings opportunities and to ensure that actions that have already been taken are still effective.
Based on interviews with contractors, we recommend integrating this service into a quality preventative maintenance contract, as a way to deliver additional value to your client. Check out this business model and example costs and benefits here.
Are there incentives available for the Energy Management Package?
At this time, there are no incentives available for delivering the Package. Check with your local utility or at the DSIRE website to see if incentives are available for measures identified using the Package. If you find this program valuable, we encourage you to share your experience with your local utility program manager.
My customers are very hesitant to pay for energy efficiency retrofits. Why would they be interested in this?
Possibly. This package is designed to be inexpensive, compared with traditional energy audits or more substantial retrofit opportunities. Upfront costs for benchmarking and analysis are designed to be low and the measures identified are also low- or no-cost. If your client is not motivated by cost or energy savings, you may read through Element 4 and think about what non-energy benefits might motivate your client. For example, perhaps improved thermal comfort or lighting conditions could improve worker productivity. Or perhaps an Energy Star rating might command a higher rent in your location.