2012-2018 Better Buildings Alliance EMIS R&D Team

Summary of Work

The Energy Management Information Systems (EMIS) team conducts research to address the broad and rapidly evolving family of tools and services for managing commercial building energy use. These technologies include benchmarking and utility tracking tools, energy information systems (EIS), building automation systems (BAS), fault detection and diagnostic systems (FDD), and automated system optimization (ASO) tools. EMIS can enable significant energy savings, often with rapid payback, and businesses are still learning how to apply these technologies.

Since their launch in 2012, the EMIS team has worked with Better Buildings Alliance (BBA) members, building owners, and service providers to develop tools and resources to help address questions on the distinguishing factors and attributes of EMIS. One important foundational resource that has been developed is the Classification Framework that outlines the primary features of Utility Bill Analysis, EIS, FDD, ASO and where these tools may overlap in functionality.

Additionally, the EMIS team has published a number of resources (see below Project Documents) that support BBA members and commercial building owners to take advantage of EMIS. BBA EMIS partners have taken part in a number of activities including: attending or presenting at team webinars and the annual Better Buildings Summit, participating in live demonstrations from EMIS vendors, providing resource review. Members' current focal activity is participation in the Smart Energy Analytics Campaign.

Project Documents

Smart Buildings Roundtable Summary Report PDF, 1.4MB
EIS Business Case (2 page) PDF, 257 KB
Costs and Energy Saving Benefits of EIS Webinar Presentation PDF, 4.3 MB
Costs and Energy Saving Benefits of EIS report PDF, 797 KB
EMIS Crash Course PDF, 860 KB
Synthesis of EMIS Resources PDF, 1.28 MB
Regional Guide to EMIS Incentives PDF, 4.0 MB
EMIS Specification and Procurement Support Materials DOCX, 2.0 MB
Primer on Organizational Use of EMIS PDF, 870 KB
Characterization and Survey of Automated Fault Detection and Diagnostic Tools PDF, 669 KB
Using EMIS to Identify Top Opportunities for Commercial Building Efficiency PDF, 3.5 MB
MBCx Plan Template PDF, 210 KB
MBCx — What You Need to Know PDF, 523 KB
The State of Advanced Measurement and Verification Technology and Industry Application
Granderson, J., S. Fernandes. The Electricity Journal 30 (2017) pp. 8-16.
PDF, 586 KB