2016-2018 Smart Energy Analytics Campaign

What is the Smart Energy Analytics Campaign?

The Smart Energy Analytics Campaign is a voluntary Campaign to facilitate the increased adoption of Energy Management and Information Systems (EMIS) technologies by owners and operators of commercial buildings.

Why a Campaign?

Commercial building owners and operators know that their building's energy systems can become inefficient quickly, often right after occupancy. The Smart Energy Analytics Campaign will help owners and managers use analytics software and ongoing monitoring to find and fix the issues.

The US Department of Energy's (DOE) Building Technologies Office has identified EMIS as a cost-effective, yet underutilized "High Impact Technology" (HIT). Through the Smart Energy Analytics Campaign, DOE and LBNL aim to encourage and track uptake of EMIS technology used with a monitoring-based commissioning (MBCx) process in the commercial buildings sector.

What are the benefits of joining?

The Smart Energy Analytics Campaign participants will benefit from energy and utility cost savings achieved from the implementation of EMIS and commissioning. They will also have access to best practice resources, technical assistance from the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, and will be eligible for awards to acknowledge exemplary outcomes.

On the Smart Energy Analytics Campaign website, LBNL will present the most important resources to help building owners and operators understand EMIS technologies and processes, and will highlight how to increase their current energy saving methods for deeper savings from their buildings. Technical assistance will be provided to help guide Smart Energy Analytics Campaign participants to answers on their technology and process questions. Awards will be given in various categories for the best examples of exemplary energy-saving performance.

How can you participate?

Any organization with an interest in adopting an EMIS in a commercial building can join in the Smart Energy Analytics Campaign as a participant. Early participation sign-up will be available in late spring, 2016.

Apart from voluntary participants, organizations can join the campaign as a Supporting Partner. These partners are organizations committed to promoting the benefits of the Smart Energy Analytics Campaign. Trade organizations, utility program administrators, EMIS or metering vendors, and energy efficiency service providers are eligible to join the Campaign as Supporting Partners.


If you are interested in joining the Smart Energy Analytics Campaign as a participant or a Supporting Partner, please contact .